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It comes from the English word "Faucet", which means "tap". It was given this name because the creators have the idea that drops can collect considerable amounts.

Building on that concept then we can say that a Bitcoin Faucet is a drip system for great amounts of Bitcoin, even with help from others.

Imagine a bucket is filled with drops, which take at least a day or longer to fill, but adding to this bucket one or two additional taps, there will come a time when the bucket is filled within hours instead of taking one or two days.


A Bitcoin Faucet is a page providing micro-payments Bitcoin cents (called satoshis) or different cryptocurrencies cents. These payments are made in different periods of time, ranging from minutes to hours or even days.

The main objective of a Faucet is to encourage new users and promote the use of Bitcoin (most common), or any other cryptocurrency with small amounts, in order to gather a considerable amount and thus can get high pay while enjoy the experience of making his first Bitcoin transactions.

But these pages Faucet not let you all work for you, then have a system of referrals, which allows you to earn commissions and gather faster accumulation Bitcoin with help from others.


Every Faucet has a claim period, all Faucets specified at the beginning or at the time of claiming when payments will be made, or simply just refresh the page and it will tell you when to return. The time can be expressed in minutes, hours or even days.


Earnings are usually in cents, in the case of Bitcoin are in satoshis (Bitcoin cents), on average they give us from 100-1600 satoshis per page. Some sites even have different claim forms, either a game or an activity we should make.


The Bitcoin is stored in temporary wallets, such as FAUCETBOX (the most popular), XAPO, MICROWALLET, among others. After reaching the minimum retirement, these are transferred to their personal wallets, which are created for free, the most popular are COINBASE and BLOCKCHAIN.

Once transferred, they can be sold in LOCALBITCOIN, or even in forums, for money to PayPal, Payza, NETELLER, and others. One of the best known is TO2PAY. Who can even pay you real money?


There are many people who own much of the Bitcoins (remember that there are only Bitcoin 21 million worldwide).

Most people interested in using Bitcoins are the owners, it is why the Faucet have a system that accept Bitcoin donations or the currency they want to promote.

In addition to this, the pages Faucet receive advertising revenue, allowing for payment keep domain, hosting and gifts Bitcoins.

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Faucet Information:

Possible Rewards: 43000 (99%), 80000 (1%)
Balance: 14400 satoshi

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