FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is MakeFreeBTC.com?

MakeFreeBTC.com is free Bitcoin Faucet. A Bitcoin Faucet is a web site that promotes the use and dissemination of bitcoin, offering small amounts of bitcoin users, which are stored in a wallet as micro-payments faucetbox.

How I can participate in MakeFreeBTC.com?

Not only can join us, there are now many ways that give it for free Bitcoins, achieving encourage their use. To participate, you must have an account bitcoin or a wallet, there are many websites that give free and completely anonymous wallets.

How many times can participate in the system?

You can visit every so often to get free bitcoins, however, as we aim to promote their use, we suggest you invite other people to visit our site through a referral link, which will enable us to reach our goal of encouraging use bitcoin, and will enable you to earn small royalties.

How can I claim free bitcoin?

We offer bitcoin cents, called satoshis, the amount and timing will depend on the price Bitcoin as it is a highly volatile currency value, which does not limit its use.

When can I receive my payments?

All payments are paid immediately, we do not have a timeout to give his due.

What I can do with Bitcoin obtained?

Currently, there are places that accept bitcoin as payment if you reach gather a considerable amount, even could change for cash.

What is the referral program?

The referral program, give you a percentage of profits, so you can help us promote the use of bitcoin, and additionally get a small reward to encourage their use.

How can I share my link?

There are many ways to share your link, either in forums, through email, through chat programs, or other means in which you can share information. Simply copy the link in the media and get their commissions for it.

Can I have multiple accounts from my computer?

Because we promote the use of bitcoin, we can only accept a single IP per user, if we detect misuse or multi-request from the same PC, we will block your IP address, even our system and to block indefinitely your country.

Remember that just as you, MakeFreeBTC.com have a goal and operate legally, our objective is making sure reach more real users.

Please do not try to abuse the gift of free bitcoin, nor allow the use programs, bots or software, to cheat our system, you could be blocked an entire country, for these actions. We will be drastic in this work.

What if I use proxies?

Remember that we depend on special companies that control advertisers and promoters. If you cheat, indirectly we will be hurting, and you achieving that we close our web site, for pennies.

Therefore, the use of proxies is forbidden on our website, under sanctions very drastic for you.

What browsers can I use in MakeFreeBTC.com?

We are currently operating in various devices and browsers, however, do not operate in some countries where the use of illegal software has been affecting our operations.

Can I collaborate with the cause?

Of course, we have a donation button, which allows us to raise funds that are used to continue working in the promotion and use bitcoin.