It seems incredible that today is a mystery who is actually the creator of the most famous transparent and decentralized currency.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged creator of Bitcoin remains unknown to this day, because he has never shown his face or presented documents supporting his true identity.

Many people speculate that it could be a false identity, or even Satoshi Nakamoto is really a group of people, or the pseudonym of a leader of a government organization that, in order to create a currency that governments could not control, created this pseudonym to publish the project completely anonymously.

In 2008, Mr. Satoshi (not to mention several people simultaneously) published an article in Cryptography Mailing List, where it presented the Bitcoin protocol, which are basically the details of its operation. Satoshi commented that have worked for several years to carry out what was known at that time about Bitcoin, just the protocol.

Subsequently, the following year, on January 3 to be exact, the network that was using a protocol peer-to-peer (P2P) was inaugurated, called Bitcoin, carrying out the launch of its first client Open Source and output light of the first units of the new cryptocurrency.

Later it was also created what many call the "Genesis Block", which is actually the first block of the BlockChain. The curious thing about all this is that by 2009 it was known that a quarter of the total of bitcoins created until then had been exchanged.

This curiosity leads us to wonder if in fact Mr. Satoshi had been accumulating a certain amount of bitcoins, and if so, the fortune would be really awesome.

Another curious fact about Satoshi is that he was helping, contributing and providing codes for a long time with the Bitcoin project, the fact is that he was a member of the team, who unexpectedly simply disappeared, leaving the responsibility to know today as the main bitcoin head, Gavin Andresen.

Even after retiring from his job as owner and developer of Bitcoin, he was occasionally answering some mails left by their colleagues, but he never did in similar times to speculate the time zone of a region because it was totally random, which leads us to think whether it was a group of people, or was just a very smart individual. It has even come to think that Gavin Andresen could be Mr. Satoshi, although he denies it, and also, if so, would be too obvious.

As we said earlier in this post, the only thing we can say for sure is that Mr. Satoshi was the creator and who was collaborating with the project in their first three years, after just disappear. What do you think about this enigmatic character?

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