Terms & Conditions

General Information

Please make sure you enter your correct Bitcoin wallet address. We do not take responsibility for incorrect addresses being used for the faucet or for the referral URL's.

This free Bitcoin Faucet helps anyone get started with Bitcoin. Start by entering your Bitcoin Address and correctly entering the reCaptcha. It's that simple! You have the chance to receive between 100 Satoshi to 5000 Satoshi. The minimum time-frame between requests is 1 hour. Once you've reached the withdrawal limit in FaucetBOX your address will be set to auto withdrawal. Auto withdrawals happen every 48 hours. - See more at HERE.


You will receive a percent for every unique valid user referral request. The referral amount is added to your faucet balance automatically.

Extra Information

  • We do not take responsibility for incorrect addresses being entered if transactions do not process correctly.
  • We do not store any Bitcoin on the server.
  • We are only accumulate Bitcoin totals until the auto threshold is reached.
  • Please consider disabling your ad-block software as advertising is the only way we can keep this site running.
  • Domain name, development, hosting and maintenance are funded solely by advertising. If you can, please donate to the faucet.
  • We reserve the right to increase or decrease the payout amounts whenever we like.
  • This is also to ensure a constant supply of Bitcoin.
  • We use FaucetBOX as our payment provider.