What are Faucets Bitcoins?

What are Faucets Bitcoins?

The bitcoin, like everything at the beginning, it was little known, and the creators had to find a way to spread it all over the Internet and the world. Of course the biggest internet media is more in the years that most people have access to it, but it’s not always easy to spread some, has its complications. The big idea of the creators of Bitcoin was to publicize the cryptocurrency addition to mining, would be Faucets, or its translation into Spanish, tap.

Faucets are basically the web pages dedicated to giving bitcoins, where you only give the address of your purse bitcoins, solving a captcha and will credit the random number you win. Of course, to remove your wallet should get a certain amount of “Satoshis”.

The Satoshi are a unit to define a number of bitcoins, because the value of bitcoin is so high, the following measures are used:

  • 1 miliBitcoin = 0.001 Bitcoins
  • 1 microBitcoin = 0.000001 Bitcoins.
  • 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001.

Then Faucets usually occur between 10 and 200,000 Satoshis, being that each page has its specific, fully customized range. These pages were initially kept only the contribution of others who had bitcoins and donate a little to the community to raise awareness of the cryptocurrency, quite profitable for the moment. Currently, these pages feed mostly on advertising that are placed on their websites, and profits generated by these sites, which usually give to the cost of domain, hosting, among other things, and because the amount of bitcoins that give is quite low, cover expenses.

Get bitcoins through Faucets is not something that is cost effective, since the amount of Satoshis is minimal, and this is just an incentive for people to start buying bitcoins by other means, either by exchange of material goods or by exchange for another common currency. Faucets should be noted that bitcoins are not unique, and many other cryptocurrencies also use these means to be known throughout the network, but the only one that has been established so far better than the Bitcoin.

In these pages, you have a time limit for you to complete the captcha and receive some Satoshis, some an hour, a day or perhaps even less, all depend on the Faucet in particular. Some people claim that use a considerable amount of Faucets at the same time could lead to a good accumulation of bitcoins, but of course it all depends on each person and of its strategy to cover as long as necessary in all possible pages. Do you want? Yes, but very little, because as we said earlier, these pages were designed for the sole purpose of publicizing the cryptocurrency throughout the Internet community and the world.

Faucets Have you tried? Have you accumulated money from them? Tell us.